MLB Draftkings Picks 6/23

Hello All,
We’ll begin each section by first identifying the weather in each game. Key Stats we look for Temperature, Humidity, Ballpark Factor (1-32, 1 being the best conditions), Chance of Delay (1-10, 10 being most likely for delay).
Game 1: Rangers  @ Yankees (-120) O/U 9
Ballpark Factor: 4
Wind: 11mph out to left
Temp: 81
Humidity: 75%
Chance of Delay: 6

Game 2: Reds @ Nationals  (-250) O/U 9
Ballpark Factor: 22
Wind: 15MPH Out to Right
Temp: 85
Humidity: 67%
Chance of Delay: 4

Game 3: Angels @ Red Sox (-180) O/U 10.5
Ballpark Factor: 17
Wind: 15MPH Out to Left
Temp: 77
Humidity: 75%
Chance of Delay: 1

Game 4:  Twins @ Indians (-180) O/U 10
Ballpark Factor: 9
Wind: 12MPH Left to Right
Temp: 72
Humidity: 85%
Chance of Delay: 5


Game 5: Cubs (-130) @ Marlins O/U 9
Ballpark Factor: 20
Wind: Dome
Temp: Dome
Humidity: Dome
Chance of Delay: Dome

Game 6: Orioles @ Rays (-175) ) O/U 9
Ballpark Factor: 24
Wind: Dome
Temp: Dome
Humidity: Dome
Chance of Delay: Dome

Game 7: Brewers @ Braves (-120) O/U 9.5
Ballpark Factor: 15
Wind: 12 MPH Right to Left
Temp: 80
Humidity: 70%
Chance of Delay: 3

Game 8: A’s (-110) @ White Sox O/U 10
Ballpark Factor: 12
Wind: 11MPH Out to Center
Temp: 77
Humidity: 41%
Chance of Delay: 0

Game 9: Blue Jays (-125) @ Royals O/U 9.5
Ballpark Factor: 25
Wind: 14MPH Left to Right
Temp: 77
Humidity: 42%
Chance of Delay: 0

Game 10: Pirates @ Cardinals (-130) O/U: 8.5
Ballpark Factor: 28
Wind: 12MPH Left to Right
Temp: 80
Humidity: 45%
Chance of Delay: 0

Game 11: Phillies @ Diamondbacks (-200) O/U: 10
Ballpark Factor: 2
Wind: Dome
Temp: Dome
Humidity: Dome
Chance of Delay: Dome


Game 12: Astros @ Mariners (-120) O/U 8.5
Ballpark Factor: 23
Wind: Dome
Temp: Dome
Humidity: Dome
Chance of Delay: Dome

Game 13: Mets @ Giants (-130) O/U 9
Ballpark Factor: 30
Wind: 15MPH Out to Right Center
Temp: 64
Humidity: 77%
Chance of Delay: 0

Game 14: Rockies @ Dodgers (-180) O/U 8
Ballpark Factor: 14
Wind: 6MPH Out to Right Center
Temp: 66
Humidity: 80%
Chance of Delay: 0

Game 15: Tigers (-120) @ Padres O/U 8.5
Ballpark Factor: 17
Wind: 9MPH Left to Right
Temp: 68
Humidity: 80%
Chance of Delay: 0
Top Hitting Environments: Reds @ Nationals, Angels @ Red Sox, Rangers @ Yankees, A’s @ WhiteSox

Top Pitching Environments: Orioles @ Rays, Tigers @ Padres

Pitching Matchups
June 23rd
Top Picks for Tonight
SP1 Michael Fulmer ($8300)- The price seems a little low for a SP1 tonight as $8300 could easily be a SP2. The only other, and quite obvious, option here was Strasburg. Stras is a -250 favorite to win today against the last place Reds. However at $11,700 I’m going with my man Fulmer to save that cash for some big bats. Fulmers strikeout numbers are down, but in his last start after his shoulder ailment he was throwing 98mph. He’s 5 for 5 on the west coast so far and I expect him to put together another quality outing in the MLB’s most notorious pitchers ballpark
SP2 Trevor Bauer ($7100)- Bauer is playing the twins for the fourth time this season. He’s scored 2-+ in all 3 of his previous starts including 27 in his last start just 5 days ago. He’s thrown over 100 pitches in his last two starts and owns on of the highest k/9’s on this slate at 10.73. I expect him to strike out at least 7 tonight and pick up the win for the Indians.

BVP Options:
1. Tyler Flowers (4-8, 2Ks)
2. J.T Realmuto (3-9, 1 HR)
3. Cameron Rupp (1-2, 1 HR)
Cameron Rupp ($2900)- Has always hit lefties better that righties throughout his career as evident by his .294 vs L compared to just .216 vs R. Rupp has already taken Corbin deep once and his in the top hitter environment of the night.
Also consider: Yan Gomes ($3200), Tyler Flowers ($3600), JT Realmuto ($3600)

First Base
BVP Options
1. Mike Napoli (7-13, 5XBH, 2HRs, 6Ks)
2. Albert Pujols (8-23, 1HR)
3. Logan Morrison (5-9, 3XBH, 1HR)
4. Anthony Rizzo (2-4, 2XBH, 2BB)
Paul Goldschmidt ($5700)- I’m paying up for Goldy tonight. He’s red hot. His last 5 games are 28,19,18,19,14 (Draftkings points) with 3 HR’s. He’s going against a kid in Mark Leiter who was a 22nd round pick and owns a .335 wOBA against RHB in his limited time in the bigs.

Second Base
BVP Options
1. Jose Altuve (13-26, 4XBH)
2. Brandon Phillips (9-24, 2HR, 0Ks)
3. Ian Happ (1-2 1HR)
4. Jonathan Schoop (3-14, 3HRs)
Jose Ramirez ($5100)- Ramirez is the hottest hitter in baseball right now. He’s the reigning AL player of the week. Although Ramirez swings better from the left side of the plate hes no slouch from the right side. He’s 2-3 in his career against Meija who’s given up a .377wOBA vs RHB this year.

Third Base
BVP Options:
1.  Nolan Arenado (3-13, 2 HR, 4BB)
2. Jose Ramirez (2-3)
3. Martin Prado (4-10)
Jake Lamb ($5200)- The spending continues with another bid Diamondbacks hitter. Lamb is my stack play off of Goldy as I continue to go against Mark Leiter in the number one hitter environment tonight. Jake Lamb mashes righties at a clip of .327 with 14 of his 16HR’s coming against RHP.

BVP Options:
1. Didi Gregorious (3-7, 1HR)
2. Carlos Correa (4-8, 1HR)
Fransisco Lindor ($4800)- Lindor has turned it up recently scoring 6 hits over his last 3 games. He’s a career better hitter from the right side of the plate. And although he’s 0-3 against Mejia he hasn’t struck out. I expect Lindor to get it going against Mejia tonight and he should stack well with Jose Ramirez.

BVP Options:
1. Brett Gardner- (5-11, 4HRs)
2. Kole Calhoun- (6-12 2 HRs)
3. Domingo Santana (2-3, 2HRs)
Outfield Value Options- Joey Bats ($3800) – Junis has allowed a .414wOBA to RHB this year. I expect the bat flipper to do some damage in his new leadoff spot. Kole Calhoun ($3900)- Kole has really stepped up since Trout has gone down and will have his wind at his back tonight against Ricky P whom he’s already taken deep twice. Cameron Perkins ($2800)- Perkins is expected to bat leadoff tonight against Corbin. Known as a lefty specialist, Perkins has a lot of upside in the top hitter environment of the night and could sneaky stack with Cameron Rupp at the bottom of the lineup. Christian Yelich ($3800) Lackey has always struggled against LHB and Yelich has been red hot in June.

My Lineup
P- Michael Fulmer ($8300)
P- Trevor Bauer ($7100)
C- Cameron Rupp ($2900)
1B- Paul Goldschmidt ($5700)
2B- Jose Ramirez ($5100)
SS-  Fransico Lindor ($4800)
OF  Kole Calhoun ($3800)
OF  Cameron Perkins ($2800)
OF  Brett Gardner ($4200)
Money Remaining: 0$


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